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Notice that the Full Moon location is given for the position of the Moon herself at that time; the Sun will always be at the exact opposite degree of the zodiac. As a teaching aid, watch the Full Moon's positions in your chart in the same way as the New Moon, but now you can expect something to visibly, or somewhat dramatically, come to a head or come into your awareness remember that we can see at night at the Full Moon , again relative to house position and any planets that the lunation touches directly or by close aspect.

Since the Full Moon is always the opposition point between the Sun and Moon, relationships to others are often highlighted at the Full Moon as well. Although the lunation cycle proceeds from New to Full to New Moon again every month, when certain astronomical conditions exist along with the lunation we have the appearance of an eclipse.

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The word eclipse is derived from the Greek word meaning to fail, to omit or to abandon; in this case, there is the obscuring of one celestial body by another. At the time of a solar New Moon eclipse, the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun, and the Sun's light is partially or totally obscured. If the eclipse is visible from where we are, we will see it in daylight, when the Sun is above the horizon. We will see the darkening of the Sun's light, the Moon's crescent shadowing across his face, the Moon eclipsing or obscuring the Sun's energy.

If it is a total solar eclipse, the Sun will disappear completely, a rare and awesome sight. Just as the solar eclipse can only occur at the New Moon, the lunar eclipse can only occur at the Full Moon. If the eclipse is total, the Moon's light is completely obscured and a very dramatic picture is revealed — the brightness of the Full Moon is darkened gradually as the shadow creeps across her face. In this case, the Sun's light does not reach the Moon; instead, we see the shadow of the Earth being cast upon the Moon, the Moon being eclipsed.

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Eclipses are very beautiful and dramatic celestial events that are visible from Earth, and have long been regarded as enormously important. To begin to understand their possible meaning, start with your sense of the Sun and Moon's functions and try to imagine what a highlighting of each function could suggest. As an example, if we consider the Moon as ruler of the past and container of memory, perhaps something dramatic about the substance that forms us may be revealed or recognized at the time of an eclipse that affects our chart strongly.

Again, look to house positions and any planetary involvement in your own chart. If the Sun is seen as an indication of our purpose, role, and basic identity, perhaps we will be profoundly questioning these themes if an eclipse falls strongly in our chart.

Another way to begin considering eclipses is to imagine them as spectacular statements from the cosmos. A solar eclipse is a very strong statement of new beginnings New Moon , while a lunar eclipse is a striking picture of ripeness and revelation Full Moon. Although an ordinary lunation generally has an effect for the month in which it occurs, the question of how long an eclipse point remains sensitive is a good one and is much discussed in astrological circles.

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One easy tip is to consider that the point is sensitive until the next eclipse, and watch for transits to the degree of the eclipse to see what happens. There are generally four eclipses a year — two solar and two lunar. Although eclipses occur in cycles and can be accurately predicted, their occurrence depends also upon the presence of the Moon's nodes.

The nodes are points in space where the Moon's orbit, if extended on a plane, intersects the Sun's orbit, the ecliptic. What is lovely is that Venus going direct in the sign of Libra this month. What counteracts that is Mercury going retrograde that exact same day the 16th in the sign of Sagittarius. So this months a little astrologically crazy- lots going on, but in a very balanced way. Also interestingly enough, the full moon happens at 0 degrees Gemini, which means that it is yet another portal full moon as it is essentially in between signs, crossing over from Taurus to Gemini.

This gives us a nice balance, too, of earthiness and loftiness, and might make for some incredible astral travel, trance, and meditation experiences. On the first day of December we experience Mercury retrograde moving into Scorpio, maybe giving us a taste of facing our own inner dialogue, which could actually be very healing if you pay attention.

It is the same day as the full moon at 0 degrees Cancer, making it on the cusp- the doorway threshold- between two signs of Gemini and Cancer.


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While Cancer will help us to dig deep and truly experience our emotions on a personal, internal level, Gemini will allow us to let things go. The full moon will light up the darkest day of the year. Talk to me again around this time of year, next year, and maybe by then I will have put words to the feelings.

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So to summarize: is a year of openings and shooting out the crown as well as tests and a need to ground. Where we have easy and palpable connection to Source, we also need human instances to keep us grounded. That is the interaction that will be happening, here.

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