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Though Pigs will experience a great upturn of financial fortune, other luck will still be a long time coming.

2020 Aquarius Horoscope

Pigs should remember to keep healthy and avoid falling into a rut. Pigs will be lucky during month 2 and will be active and vigorous despite a number of people distrusting them. Pigs will keep their good luck during month 3. They will be positive and life will be fairly easy for Pigs. Without much to worry about, they will complete tasks efficiently.

They will be grateful for everything and it would be advisable for them to share in some sort of volunteer work. They will not have as easy of a time as before because of many trials still to come. Their abilities will be improved too as a result of receiving guidance. They should remember to never turn down help from the people around them.

Pigs will slowly lose their luck during month 6 with some emotional crises occurring. Pigs will feel too upset to make important decisions but will nevertheless need to be decisive in dealing with these problems.

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Month 7 will be a normal month of luck. Many changes in their career will occur, both positive and negative. They will deserve a vacation after all the changes. Pigs will experience a slow rise of their fortunes during month 8. They will try to make some changes regarding their career, but should remember to prepare well before changing jobs completely. Month 9 will not be a bad month for Pigs, mainly because it will be a resting period. They are advised to show more concern to the people around them. Month 10 is likely to be a good month for Pigs who will enjoy making new friends.

New opportunities will present themselves because of their newfound popularity. Pigs will continue to enjoy good luck during month They will not be emotionally controlled by others and will be able to handle things better. They will then get a better grasp on life. There will be a slow drop off of fortunes during month All of the planets will remain in direct motion until Mercury initiates another retrograde cycle in mid-February Take a few deep breaths and don't get ahead of yourself, but do make plans for your communications and business projects to move along in the next few months.

That is a ton of zodiacal territory to cover and in the process he passes by Jupiter, Ketu, Saturn and Sun by mid-January. This could be a busy time for building relationships, setting plans into motion, business deals, writing projects, educational pursuits and networking. Get to it, but again, with Jupiter running at top speed and Mercury running even faster, it may be a good idea to consciously slow down and deeply consider each step. Recently re-emerged in the evening star form, visible in the western sky after sunset, the planet of oneness, Venus, moves through the challenging degrees of the gandanta between Scorpio and Sagittarius on November Let's watch Venus work the room as she glides into Jupiter's fire sign, not the most comfortable place for Venus, who will also be moving past Jupiter, Ketu and Saturn as she attempts to decorate for the holidays.

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Venus is concerned with conduct between people, which ranges from friendships to diplomatic relations. Sagittarius doesn't tolerate corruption or untruth for long, due to Jupiter's lordship. While Jupiter and Venus aren't friends, they are considered together to be the two great teachers of the planets, with Jupiter running the natural law department and Venus heading up the civil law department.

In this, they are united in their purpose, to bring clarity to our minds and guide us toward truth, joy and fulfillment. If we see Jupiter and Venus as one team and Saturn and Ketu as another, we may be witnessing the tide of growth, positivity, creativity and love Jupiter and Venus coming to wash over the corruption, negativity, destruction and distaste that has been exposed through the past half year by the close conjunction of Saturn and Ketu. By December 15 when Venus moves into Capricorn, she moves freely ahead of the pack.

This is a great period of time to clean things up; homes, relationships, creative projects, scholarly requirements, lesson plans, religious organizations, the entire United States, etc. As November comes to a close, a lunar cycle also ends and begins anew. This is a good time to choose rest and rejuvination.

This combination of Sun and Moon in the enigmatic territory of Scorpio occurs specifically in the nakshatra lunar mansion of Anuradha, lorded by the planet Saturn.

At this new Moon, we deserve a good pause, as the energy of transformation is extremely ripe. Deep transformation usually requires enough detachment to completely change course, so choose wisely; there is no need to discard resources or spend them mistakenly. With Jupiter having moved signs, we enter into a new Jupiter cycle for the next year, keeping in mind that Jupiter will be interacting with the agent of ultimate transformation, Ketu, through September, when Ketu moves from Sagittarius to Scorpio and its counterpart, Rahu, moves from Gemini to Taurus.

From November 5, , when Jupiter entered his own sign and became powerful to bring truth to the exposed corruption that has been a by-product of the Saturn-Ketu conjunction over the summer months, until Saturn will be moving out of Sagittarius and into Scorpio on January 23, , we have an opportunity to begin a clean-up project that will lead to new growth potential. It will be a study in how to balance holding on and letting go.

For this approximately ten weeks, consider carefully what feels intuitively right to discard or separate from while at the same time observing what feels intuitively right to pursue, nurture and grow. Opportunities could arise and fade away quickly. It may be difficult to know what to do and we may be susceptible to confusion coming from too many choices. Be ready to hold on or let go at the drop of a hat. We must learn to ride through the rough patches of life with grace, balance and detachment.

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