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It exudes shades of white grey and green.

The Fingers and the Basic Elements

It makes one deeply interested in spiritual matters, the occult sciences, and enlightenment or Moksha. It reduces the effects of negative doshas such as Kalasarpa Dosha. An Indian. Born a princess, now a storyteller. A conversationalist. An empath.

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Gemstone Recommendation by Date of Birth & Kundali, Gemstone Astrology

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Navratna Gemstones

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Navbharat Times. Featured Today In Travel. Lucky Gemstones For Aquarius. Do have a look at the video to appreciate the exceptional beauty of this Vedic Gemstone ring. The Emerald is an exceptional Colombian emerald with a intense grassy green colour with vivid and high saturation.

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Aries Gemstone - Lucky Gemstones For Aries

All of 2. There is no variance of shade in this entire piece.

This emerald was selected as per the sacred shades in Emerald. Cut in a classical Emerald cut , have a look at the clarity. The ring shanks are adorned with the sacred symbols of Mercury.


Truly auspicious this Vedic Gemstone ring shall deliver the best results that Planet mercury has to offer to the individual. It is just not a Vedic Gemstone ring. Thank you for submitting your information. Our Associate will get back shortly. Lifetime Exchange In News Testimonials.

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